BoyleSports Football Betting Online Review

BoyleSports online football

BoyleSports online football

BoyleSports Football Betting Online

BoyleSports have become one of the biggest bookmaking options in the game today. With their online sportsbook backed up by their brick-and-mortar stores, the bookie caters to most, if not all of the most popular sports available. In this BoyleSports football betting online guide we will look at their market offering, available promotions and more.

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BoyleSports Football Sportsbook Markets

BoyleSports’ offering for football is massive and is one of the reasons why they have become so popular. As soon as you load onto the site, you will be met by a glut of football betting options. For example, at the time of writing, the site was awash with Champions League betting options alongside the English Premier League, Bundesliga and the upcoming European Championship.

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Aside from the biggest club competition in the world, BoyleSports looks to provide a league for everyone to bet on. This means they boast markets for England’s Premier League, Championship, FA Cup and more, while there are offerings for Germany (Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2), France (Ligue 1 and Ligue 2), Italy (Serie A and Serie 2) and Spain (La Liga and Segunda Division).

While these five competitions are the most popular club tournaments, this is not all that BoyleSports cater to. Indeed, you will find offerings for Portugal, Brazil and China all the way to Belgium, Belarus and Ecuador.

Their coverage of these smaller competitions is impressive too. In conjunction with this comes some fantastic betting options for the major international competitions across world football too. Alongside this, you will find excellent betting options for friendlies and FIFA World Cup qualifier and tournament matches. This helps to ensure that you will have plenty of markets to bet on whether you are in the middle of an international break or the summer when club football is on a break.

Betting Options at BoyleSports Football

BoyleSports offers a range of ways to play when it comes to football betting. You will find standard markets like match winner, method of victory, total goals, both teams to score (BTTS) and first/last/anytime goalscorer.

Alongside these more standard ones you can also get involved with different player bets, handicaps and scorecast. Of course, these are not the only football betting markets available, with a number of BoyleSports football specials along with standard and niche options that will keep you entertained for hours.

These options for football are as impressive as the offering of the best football bookmakers. Having a wide variety of options may not sound particularly appealing to a newer bettor as this can lead to confusion, especially if you are unsure what a particular market is dealing with. However, once you are comfortable with all of the betting markets themselves, this range of choices helps to ensure that your betting does not become stale by forcing you to constantly wager on the same match events.

Is There a BoyleSports Welcome Offer for Football Bets?

At the time of writing, there are specific BoyleSports football betting promotions for new customers. Of course, before you grab this BoyleSports welcome offer you should complete some terms and conditions. For that purpose, you should read what the bookie expect about the minimum deposit amount, wagering requirement, deadline of promotion and etc. While there is an available offer for new punters, BoyleSports still offer a number of promotions that you can use, including the BoyleSports football accumulator offers, which we will go into in more detail below. That is why you should not skip over the bookie when it comes to football betting.

While there is a specific BoyleSports welcome offer for football bets, you can make the most out of their excellent Acca based offers. An Acca (accumulator bet) is a bet that incorporates multiple selections. Whether your Acca wins depends on if all of your selections in your bet come in, meaning that if Manchester United, Chelsea, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid all win but Liverpool lose, then your bet will lose.

The current Acca offer is a loyalty bonus that sees you awarded with free Acca for every five Accas you place. Alongside this is BoyleSports’ Acca Insurance. This promotion sees you given a free bet if one leg of your 5+ selection Acca losses. These Acca based offers are an excellent way to get involved with one of the most exciting ways of betting. While an Acca may seem quite daunting at first, once you understand how they work you will be able to push the limits of betting. Indeed, a shrewd Acca could see you enjoying a big return.

Further terms and conditions apply for both promotions and should be read and understood before you place your bets.

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Notable Features of BoyleSports Bookie

One of the major draws for BoyleSports is their live streaming. However, unlike some other bookies, you are not able to watch BoyleSports live football on site. This is disappointing as linking a live streaming application with BoyleSports football in play is an excellent combination. Instead, you are only able to use BoyleSports’ live streaming function with horse racing and greyhound racing.

BoyleSports’ in play betting console is excellent. The clean and crisp interface coupled with their competitive odds means that customers really are treated to a supreme all-round experience. Keep an eye out for the markets as they drift and shorten, giving you the chance to read a game and attempt to profit from it. Alongside this in play console are the graphics that allow you to stay up to date with the game if you are unable to watch it. For football, most games will come with a scoreboard and the times of important events such as goals and cards.

The pitch just below these stats is constantly changing with prompts telling you when there is a goal, a goal kick, a dangerous attack or who has possession. This, coupled with the statistics, head-to-head and timeline tabs really enhance your in play betting experience when it comes to BoyleSports football betting.
BoyleSports’ Bet Builder is a brilliant addition to their sportsbook offering. To get involved with this feature you simply need to place your bet on selected pre-match markets on the selected Bet Builder events. A Bet Builder allows you to add multiple selections from an event into one bet slip, changing the odds and often providing a far better pay out if you win.

BoyleSports also offers a cash-out option for you to enjoy too. Cash-out allows you to receive a predetermined sum of money on a wager that you have placed. While this sum of money will be less than if you kept your bet alive until the end and won, it means that you can cash out quickly if you think that the events of a game are about to turn against you and likely see your bet lose.

The biggest football events come with a glut of statistics for you to digest before you make your bet. To find them, simply choose your match of choice and then click on the ‘Match Stats’ tab at the top of the page. This will bring up a number of key statistics that may prove important for the game. Alongside this is BoyleSports’ ‘Verdict’, which gives a percentage of how likely any of the three outcomes for a home win, away win or draw maybe. While these should not be taken as certain, it is always good to get the viewpoint of the bookie before betting.

Is there a Football Betting Mobile App for BoyleSports?

boylesports mobile version

There is a BoyleSports’ betting app that you can make the most out of when playing with the bookie. While this app is unlikely to set the world alight with regard to having new and exciting features that other bookie’s apps do not have, it does give you most, if not all of the features you have come to expect from a bookmaker app.
Available on both Android and iPhones, the homepage displays anything and everything you may need when it comes to betting on all sports and, best of all, it allows you to keep all of your BoyleSports’ betting in one place. With both pre-match and in-play betting options available, the BoyleSports’ betting app is a brilliant way to wager with the bookie.

Legislation & Security

BoyleSports are licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) for customers from the UK, while they are licensed and regulated by the Government of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission for all of their other customers. BoyleSports also ensures your money and details are safe with them meaning that you do not need to worry about your details being hacked.

The bookmaker also provides a Responsible Betting Guideline, with tools like deposit limits available for customers. Timing yourself out is another excellent tool to help to ensure that gambling remains fun.

Do You Recommend Betting on Football at BoyleSports?

When trying to decide whether BoyleSports is the right bookie for you, you need to ensure you have evaluated both the positives and negatives of the site. Below, we have listed a few of the major positives and some of the negatives that you should be aware of before signing up with them.

ProsBet Builder
The inclusion of a Bet Builder on any bookmaker site is a major plus. BoyleSports’ own iteration may not break new ground, but it adds a feature that we have come to expect from the best football bookmakers, of which BoyleSports is definitely one.

Having the ability to create your own bets with the odds instantly provided to you is brilliant, and it allows all types of bettors to enjoy it. Novice players are able to get to grips with the feature by adding a few likely selections that will offer little in the way of massive odds, but give them the time and space to become comfortable with betting. For more experienced bettors, this feature can increase the length of available odds exponentially. Thereby, it is giving seasoned players the chance to win big if you can predict markets like the football scores, the goal scorers and more.

Coverage of all big and small leagues
Covering just the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League is not an option anymore, especially if a bookie wants to rank amongst the very best. While both competitions are exceptionally popular, they will not rank as the biggest betting competition for a player that prefers their own domestic league. With this in mind, it has become of paramount importance that a bookmaker offers an extensive range of markets for all leagues. Fortunately for bettors of most leagues across the world, BoyleSports caters for a huge range of leagues and has looked to try to incorporate a decent betting experience for those that prefer betting on lesser-known footballing leagues and competitions.Competitive Odds
Bookmakers always talk about having competitive odds and because of this, it has become difficult to truly ascertain whether the bookie you are signed up with actually offers the best odds. BoyleSports offers a great range of sports and, while not every single one will have the best odds, they do at least offer you competitive odds that will not see you miss out if you were to win with them.ConsNo Live Streaming Of Football
One of the major detracting factors of football betting with BoyleSports is the fact they do not have a live streaming function that supports watching football, with only live streaming for horse racing and greyhound racing available at the time of writing. The ability to watch horse racing helps to enhance your enjoyment and immersion in betting, and this is sorely missing when wagering on football.Uncompetitive Football New Customer Betting Offer
This is a negative factor that many top bookies are hit by. Although such a promotion is available, it is not very attractive, which makes it uncompetitive. This is disappointing when you come to the site looking to bet on the beautiful game. Having an attractive new customer offer that is centred on football helps players to maximise the value they have in their promotion for football.

Of course, it is worth noting that many new customer offers can be used across a whole range of sports, making them more far reaching than just a straight-up football betting offer. Indeed, BoyleSports offer their fantastic Acca promotions which can be used with football too.

Final Thoughts

BoyleSports offers one of the most impressive and far-reaching sportsbook and football betting platforms. Their exceptional offering of leagues and competitions in both football and most other sports will keep most bettors happy for a long time, while they boast competitive odds in so many of their matches and tournaments.

A lack of live streaming or an attractive new customer football betting offer is disappointing, but the bookmaker makes up for this in many other ways. If you are looking to utilise Boylesports’ football coupons with your football predictions, then the Irish bookie will likely be the one for you. The BoyleSports’ football in-play console alongside BoyleSports’ football specials help to make up for any live streaming disappointments, while their current ACCA promotions mean that the BoyleSports football accumulator is a go-to for many football bettors.

BoyleSports Football Betting Questions & Answers

Can I live stream football on site?

Unfortunately, you cannot live stream football matches via BoyleSports. The bookie offers a brilliant range of betting features, but their live streaming function is confined to horse racing and greyhound racing. This is a disappointing omission from the bookie as their in-play console really lends itself to betting on live events.

What are the most popular football leagues to bet on?

This completely depends on the league that you want to watch. In your eyes, the top footballing league in Austria may be the most popular, and so whether they offer the most popular leagues will depend on your own preference.

However, if you are looking at the likes of the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup, then BoyleSports cover the competitions in abundance. You will usually have all of the standard and niche markets available to you for these major competitions with the outright betting markets and match betting options also available.

While the sheer amount of betting options can seem quite daunting at first, once you have gotten comfortable with everything the bookie offers, you will enjoy the array of betting options available to you.

Do BoyleSports offer good odds?

For many sports, BoyleSports offers very good odds. Whether they are competitive will depend on certain leagues, so you should do your research before utilising the bookie. However, in general, BoyleSports offer generous odds for most major and minor betting events.

What alternatives to football betting do BoyleSports offer?

BoyleSports offer a glut of betting options that you can make the most out of in the off-season for football or when you have found the sport is becoming a bit stale to bet on. Popular alternatives include tennis, rugby union and darts, while horse racing is a massive draw for UK based players, with BoyleSports one of the best for betting on the horses. You can also bet on a number of sports that are more popular across Europe and the USA, with their sportsbook not just confined to the UK’s favourite sports.

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Author: Kenneth Martin